June 2022

Refrigerator Poetry Visual Art Archive is proud to present the June 2022 Online Exhibition June 5 – June 30 and archived in perpetuity.

April 2022 Exhibition

Refrigerator Poetry Visual Art Archive is proud to present the April 2022 Online Exhibition through April 30th and archived in perpetuity.

October 2021 Exhibition

(October 1 – 31, 2021) Refrigerator Poetry is pleased to present the October 2021 Visual Art online group exhibition organized by archive director, Perri Neri. The exhibition features artists from around the world – Karachi / Singh, Lagos State & Anambra State / Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sao Paolo / Brazil, New York City, Baltimore, North Carolina, Atlanta, and Tampa Bay. All work was completed between September 2020 and September 2021.

Refrigerator Poetry can be defined as a multiplicity of voices being created out of the experiences being had in the moment. While we continue to negotiate with a pandemic, we have learned quickly to accept how fragile both our experiment of democracy and our human lives are. This month’s exhibition embodies a diverse array of narratives and practices, based in media ranging from photography, painting, textiles, collage, and sculpture. The range of experiences shared by these artists reveal moments when hope and optimism & joy and humanism mingle with death and decay.