Hunga and the Echoes From the Past

Acrylic, oil, and ink on canvas.

Complete: September 11, 2021
Location: Lagos/Lagos State


12 x 12 inches

acrylic,oil,ink,abstraction, anthropomorphism, portraiture


Lagos, Lagos State

Born in Badagry, the coastal town of Lagos, Samuel Vittu believes that the face is laced with diverse stories. His work constantly interrogates the exterior of the face as an entry point into larger issues in the society with the use of acrylic, oil and charcoal. He fuses abstraction with portraiture and anthropomorphism employing bulgy eyes as windows and zoom lens into the happenings, experiences, thoughts, and crisis that goes on in the mind of his subjects. Samuel comes from a family that an uncle studied art and had given him the basic and formidable training during his formative (artistic) years. Those years could be described as one of concerted exposition. As a trained painter and art educator, he holds a Nigerian Certificate in Education from Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education as well as a Bachelor of Art Education in painting from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Samuel lives and work in Lagos.

Artist Statement

Samuel’s style cuts across contemporary, portraiture and anthropomorphism.
He uses his art to create self-awareness and also to embed the human consciousness and thoughts into non-human life forms, this is because animals often provided a moral mirror for reflecting the best and the worst of the human race.

In his pieces, Samuel’s subjects’ eyes appear disproportionate. This is a conceptual gesture and bent deployed by the artist to accentuate the nomenclature of artistic perception, in equation to life’s sensory perception: when one pays attention to a particular perceptive view, every rest phenomenon recedes in constant flux. In essence, such a gesture can be attributive to an act where an eye becomes dispensable (dimmed) to its pair to assume a central role in perception. It is in this transposable, relative, mutant guise and gesture, however, that Samuel employs conceptualization to his subjects, through the eyes. An eye becomes bulgy (larger) than its pair, so to say.

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