“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”        
Helen Keller

Dear Refrigerator Poetry Artists,

I have exciting news that has taken a bit more time than I wanted, but finally, I can announce that Refrigerator Poetry has moved to New York City and into the Living Room!

This is a creative space for local NYC artists who have a special project they want to work on and promote. It is also a place for national and international artists to set up shop while they are in town, giving them the experience of working inside the NYC art world. When a visiting artist comes to town, we are thrilled to host a cocktail party to introduce them to other NYC professionals working in their genre.

Living Room – NYC is nestled between Chelsea, FIT, and Broadway. There are gallery walls for visual artists, a living room for sharing engaging ideas and discourse for creative production, and a separate work only studio space available to use for a day, a week, or up to one month. The fees are modest and flexible depending on the project and time frame. Residency proposals are accepted on a rolling basis.

Refrigerator Poetry Artist Profiles and the Online Exhibition Archives are linked to the Living Room – NYC website. This will give you more exposure and more opportunities out of the virtual art world and into the real one. Through a dynamic fusion of creativity, management, and experience, we are inviting artists to think, create, collaborate, and exhibit their art-driven projects. www.LivingRoom-nyc.com

Refrigerator Poetry produces four online exhibitions, each lasting three months. There is a digital catalog that is archived on the website and all artist profiles are linked to the exhibition participated in.  Artists can submit up to 5 images for each show ($10 per image). The submission process is simple and is explained on the website. (click Contact)

Be sure to follow Refrigerator Poetry and Living Room – NYC on Instagram to catch Call for Art and other opportunities. 

If you are interested in a Living Room-NYC residency (work only), email me with your project proposal and let’s start the collaboration! If you are in town, stop by for a cup of coffee in the living room and see what we are all about.

Perri Neri
artist, director, curator, collaborator


Above:  The Living Room gallery space.

Below: The Artist in Residence studio.

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