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refrigerator poetry

Every monthly exhibition archive is posted in perpetuity and will always remain viewable.

There is currently no living ongoing visual archive to preserve and document the work of each artist in the venue as a moment in art history and in our collective social memory. Through the Refrigerator Poetry archive, anyone, not only the established artist, is able to share in a collective human experience relative to a moment in time.

If you are an artist, Refrigerator Poetry is here to preserve your legacy in art history. Through the work you create, you are in the extraordinary position to reflect the time you are living in. We welcome ALL visual artists to submit ONE image of work, completed within one year of the submission date, to be included in the online exhibition. Artists can submit a new image every month. 

Documenting the collective artistic moment in time is a critical component of Refrigerator Poetry’s mission. Artists are not only expressing themselves, but they are also expressing an embodied experience of our shared culture. The archive is a place where students of art history can see trends in art reflect the time. Art historians and educators are welcome to use the archive for purposes of research. Writers of art criticism can look through the archive for inspiration. And our archive offers gallerists and curators a chance to seek out new artists. 

What did you make today? Show us and we will show the world.