Guest curated by Susan Grabel and Stefany Benson

Susan Grabel
Sculptor, Independent Curator and President of Ceres Gallery, Guest Curator

Stefany Benson
Director of Ceres Gallery, a feminist alternative gallery in Manhattan, Guest Curator


Don’t Shut Up 2021 was conceived as a response to the silencing of women and for the need to raise women’s voices as in #MeToo,  #NeverthelessShePersisted,  #DontShutUp,  #TimesUp.

Through interruptions, censure, violence, and threatening behavior — both in person and online- women are silenced every day. It’s time to ensure that women’s voices are heard and valued. Rebecca Solnit writer, historian and activist says: “Having a voice is crucial. It’s not all there is to human rights, but it’s central to them… By redefining whose voice is valued, we redefine our society and its values. . .”

Don’t Shut Up 2021 presents the work of 47 woman-identifying artists from across the US and Canada who are working to challenge and disrupt the status quo through their ongoing artistic practice. This multimedia exhibition provides a platform for those voices.

With panel discussions and other public programs as well as the exhibition itself, Don’t Shut Up hopes to raise awareness, keep community conversations alive and encourage the viewer to advocate and work for women’s rights.

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