Convergence, 150 Lines

(click title to hear a music composition drawing by Paul Lorenz)

Exhibition Date:
September 2022


Graphite and marker on paper. 


A drawing and music score exploring density and convergence of random lines. The entire project explores 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 Lines.


25 x 18 inches


drawing, graphite, music composition, abstract

Buckeye, AZ

Artist Statement

My work is my autobiography.

My work floats between architecture, visual media, and music composition. How do you describe volume…density. Can you see it…hear it? What does a line sound like? What do one hundred lines sound like…look like.? These are the questions that guide my work, my day and push my curiosity. 

Creating work is a journey that may or may not have a conclusion. Numerous national and international group and solo exhibitions have pushed his work in directions that surprise.

Abstraction is not a style, but a state of mind.

Other archived works by this artist.

Octet No. 1
written by Paul Lorenz
Recorded Live from the Florence Biennale in 2015

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