Cover: Obilala Nwankwo

Refrigerator Poetry is pleased to present the May 2022 Visual Art online group exhibition organized by archive director, Perri Neri. Refrigerator Poetry can be defined as a multiplicity of voices being created out of the experiences being had in the moment. The artists in this month’s exhibition come to us from all over the world with work completed since 2020.  Stylistically diverse and from different generations and circumstances, these artists offer brilliant connections of our collective human existence.
There is no theme to Refrigerator Poetry exhibitions other than that of “current work” and the hope to present startling juxtapositions and myriad narratives. This exhibition strikes a balance between unconventional forms of beauty and thought-provoking mediations on interpretation. Art continuously asks questions. This month’s exhibition features eight artists who find their voice in the conversation. Every mark, every color, every gesture, every material is charged with meaning.

Participating Artists: Vian Borchert, Hollis Hildebrand-Mills, Rita Holcberg, Pawel Jezak, Perri Neri, Obilala Nwankwo, Regina Walker, and Mark T. Wright.

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