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Who are we?

Refrigerator Poetry is a curated online gallery and a visual art archive. All artists represented in an online exhibition also have a public presence on our website with an artist’s profile. The Refrigerator Poetry website is also linked to Living Room – NYC website for extra exposure.

We are a dynamic fusion of management and experience driven to increase the artist’s visibility and integrate their art into the mainstream. Through online exhibitions, social media, and press exposure, we introduce our artists to the world, accelerating their artistic reputation and success.  

Perri Neri, Creative Director, leads a team committed to representing the determined and independent ARTIST. The fighters and the believers. The under-recognized and under-represented. The betwixt-and-between. Art as a verb or even as an entropic force. Explosions of individuality, collaborations, unexpected juxtapositions, tensions, flash meditations, myths, stories, and narratives.


Online Exhibitions


Online group exhibitions are archived and linked to exhibiting artists profile pages.

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Artist Profiles

Artists who are accepted for representation are not governed by genre. The breadth of our roster is wide, passionate, and talented.

A Message From Perri Neri, Director

We want to see your work!

Scraps and fragments. Spare parts. Puzzling. Melancholy. Ambiguous…either too raw or too cooked. Patterns. Plaids. Confusing figure-to-grounds. Purposely destabilized. Make something out of nothing. I have heard descriptions like “Romantic Modern Postmodern Aesthetic Sensualist.” YES! Good! Show us!

Maybe your materials are simple, and the work is complex. The way the shapes balance one another. The way the images move from dark to light. There is an intuitiveness there, an emotional authenticity. YES!  Good! Show us!