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What is refrigerator poetry?

Refrigerator Poetry is a visual art archive for every artist. 

Because we see the power in documenting art in real time, our vision is to expose the current work of all visual artists through monthly ‘no jury-no prize’ online exhibitions. We believe passionately that every visual artist should have the opportunity to show their work regardless of history, popularity, prejudice, juried requirements, or economic status. And we also believe that their work should be documented and archived as a legacy of diversity and as a reflection of our cultural and society collective memory.

No jury means the artist decides what goes into the archive. We have basic sensible guidelines in place – US Copyright Definition of Visual Art and Archive Content Submission Agreement. We are not here to sell artwork, make money on entry fees, give Best in Show prizes, or to limit an artist’s creative process in any way. We are curious to see art happening, all over the world, at the same time. And we are serious about giving all visual artists exposure and preserving the artist’s legacy in art history.


Online Exhibitions


Monthly online exhibitions are organized by the director from the archive. Exhibitions include targeted press releases, email invitations, announcements on the website homepage, and social media exposure. Digital exhibition catalogs are archived and linked to exhibiting artists profile pages.

Take a peek into the mind of an artist

Artist Profiles

The refrigerator poetry archive is available for anyone to view. The general public along with curators, gallerists, educators, and other artists from around the globe.

Our archive offers gallerists and curators a chance to seek out new talent and/or artists working in specific styles or themes of work for an exhibition they are organizing.

Art historians and educators are welcome to use the archive for purposes of research. Writers of art criticism looking to write essays or articles can look to refrigerator poetry for inspiration.

A Message From The Director

On behalf of myself, Perri Neri and co-artist Dr. Mark T. Wright, we excitedly introduce the following visual arts curatorial project known as refrigerator poetry. We believe this project creates a new vision affording an opportunity to the art community and ANY visual artist to expose their work without prejudice while documenting the experience and connecting people with art.

Perri Neri

We Want To See Your Art

Refrigerator Poetry will provide opportunities for artists to participate in online group exhibitions every month and will archive the exhibited work in perpetuity.