Cubes VIII

September 25, 2021

Encaustic on panel.


14 x 11 x 1.5 inches

encaustic, 3D, cubes, multi-dimensional



Montclair, NJ

Kathy Cantwell was born in Trenton NJ and is currently living and working in Montclair NJ. A member of The Painting Center in Chelsea area of New York City. Cantwell received her BFA from CWPost College and attended the Visual Art Center of NJ where she learned encaustic and now teaches encaustic there. She has shown and is collected nationally and internationally.

Artist Statement

Some years ago, I was taken with paintings of elaborate five-sided figures by an artist friend. At a recent workshop in San Miguel, Mexico, I spent hours every day painting a number of small oils on paper in which I tackled my own multi-dimensional forms. Then during the pandemic, I found that I had more time, patience, and license to start figuring them out on a larger scale.
The satisfaction I derived from painting the 3D constructs. The personal pleasure of creating a simple form in space on a 2D panel had me. The cubes are lit and there is a sense of falling, tumbling as if caught in the act. Frozen in time.

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