Expansive Sky

Creation Date and Location:
February 2021

oil on panel

From the recent series: To Be In The Same World. The orb is the moon and the sun (which appears white in winter). Let the viewer decide!

12 x 9  inches

Oil, Panel, Landscape

Columbia County, New York

Artist Statement

Painting is a meditation and a kind of alchemy in which I concentrate and transform my feelings and memories into something material which can be experienced in various ways by others. The recent chaos in my (our) life has made me see – or has caused – a new and strange abstracted order in my painting, challenging all my preconceptions and yet, somehow, aching to be revealed. In this recent body of work, I draw on my deep love of nature: the impressions from my new rural life in the Berkshires, earlier years in Westchester adjacent to an estural marshland and my childhood in the Cambridgeshire countryside in England. I want to create paintings which are both familiar yet unknown.

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