Expansive Sky

Creation Date and Location:
February 2021

oil on panel

From the recent series: To Be In The Same World. The orb is the moon and the sun (which appears white in winter). Let the viewer decide!

12 x 9  inches

Oil, Panel, Landscape


Columbia County, New York

British born Katharine Dufault is a New York Times-reviewed artist, curator and visual arts consultant. As a multimedia artist, she works in oils, encaustic, printmaking and photography. Dufault graduated with honors from Columbia University, with a degree in painting and literature after studying visual arts, graphic design and photography at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, England. She regularly exhibits her work and has been in numerous shows in New York City, Boston, Ohio, Connecticut, Westchester county, the Berkshires and Cambridge, England. Dufault’s work is included in many corporate and private collections. Dufault lives and works in Columbia County, NY and the Berkshires, MA.

Artist Statement

Painting is a meditation and a kind of alchemy in which I concentrate and transform my feelings and memories into something material which can be experienced in various ways by others. The recent chaos in my (our) life has made me see – or has caused – a new and strange abstracted order in my painting, challenging all my preconceptions and yet, somehow, aching to be revealed. In this recent body of work, I draw on my deep love of nature: the impressions from my new rural life in the Berkshires, earlier years in Westchester adjacent to an estural marshland and my childhood in the Cambridgeshire countryside in England. I want to create paintings which are both familiar yet unknown.

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