Taking Flight

Creation Date and Location:
August 16, 2021.
Seminole, Florida

digital design, paper, acrylic ink.


I color various types of papers with ink, paint, watercolor then photograph and combine in Procreate with my line designs.


12 x 12 inches

digital, acrylic, graphic, paper


Seminole, FL

Patrice Pfeiffer spent most of her life raising a family and working as a nurse. She always found outlets for her creativity: cooking, crafts, beading and playing with polymer clay. Recently she has turned more and more to mixed media and digital art. She has found something that has become a vehicle to share what’s in her heart.

Artist Statement

My first love of color and design probably comes from my grandmother. As a child, I spent many hours tending her flower garden, arranging and exhibiting flowers at the local garden club. Regardless of my choice of media I’m still drawn to colorful, organic forms. Although not formally trained, I am constantly exploring new ways to express myself, taking art classes, reading, videos….all with a purpose: to express what dwells within me, to release the joy found in creating and share that with others.

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