Marking Lives Covid

September 30, 2021

Walnut ink and whiteon Kitikata paper.



This drawing is part of an ongoing series that began when artist Elizabeth Awalt suggested (when the country had reached 150,000 Covid deaths) that we honor those lives by drawing. We now approach 1 million.

 20 x 16 inches

Mixed Media, abstract, geometric, unstretched canvas, large scale. 



Artist's Statement

I am interested in history, in one layer seen through another. Sometimes years pass between layers. I care about touch. I want evidence of the human. I am primarily an abstract artist, but I draw the figure, drew my mother in her last year, and paint myself as I age.

Other archived works by this artist.

December 2021 Exhibition Catalogue

Untitled, 2021
Acrylic, chalk, ink, graphite, colored pencil, oilstick on unstretched canvas.
80 x 96 inches

“Between 1989 and 2006, I worked on large scale paintings off the stretcher. I just finished work on a book about this work, some of which was exhibited and purchased by museums, but much of it was never seen. The book, “Then and Now, Now and Then” inspired a new visit to this large scale, improvisatory medium.”

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