Waiting for the Light

Exhibition Date:
FEBRUARY 2022  Catalogue

Completed: December 2021


acrylic, Flashe on canvas

“This painting was inspired by a cellphone snapshot taken on an early morning commute.”

24 x 30 x 2 inches

Flashe, acrylic, canvas

Sleepy Hollow, NY

Artist Statement

I have always become fascinated with the structures that become my subjects, often creating a series of reimaginings of the same place. The ordinary is transported into another domain in my imagination. My relationship with my subject is a refuge from the outside world, isolating me but also creating a shelter. The extraordinary difficulties of the recent past have reminded me of the importance of artistic sanctuary, and the peace one finds there.

Other archived works by this artist.

September 2021 Catalogue

The Pink House, Yonkers (8)
acrylic, Flashe on canvas
24 x 30 x 2 inches

Sleepy Hollow, NY

“When I work, I weave  together images from different sources or perhaps intertwine different views of the same subject.  In #8, I spliced-in views of buildings from afar, almost as if The Pink House was in a medieval hill town. The contrast between a more expansive space and the isolated house is important. I also wanted to create a feeling of a viewer in obscurity, and added the fence and the parked car. There is no formula.”

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