Wölk, Anne

Horsehead Nebula

June  30, 2021
Berlin, Germany

Oil on canvas.

Comment: Anne Wölk’s painting “Horsehead Nebula” enables a journey into a distant structure made of glowing interstellar gas. The extraterrestrial landscape, executed in fine detail, offers the opportunity for a moment in quiet reflection. The artist transfers the beauty of the mist into her painting cosmos. The scenery shows an untouched, inaccessible place in nature and enables deep immersion in color, space, and light. The Horsehead Nebula is a 3 light-year part of a dark cloud in the Orion constellation. Like a horse’s head, its silhouette stands out majestically against the glowing red emission nebula IC 434. Because of the prevailing conditions in the cosmos, molecules form there that cannot exist on Earth. The gas masses of the dark cloud are in motion, which means that in a few thousand years, the nebula will no longer resemble a horse’s head. The nebula is 1,500 light-years away from Earth and therefore appears a quarter the size of the Earth’s moon.

31.5 x 23.6 inches

oil, canvas, space, science fiction, Berlin

Wölk, Anne

Berlin, Germany

Anne Wölk (1982, Jena/Germany) was born and raised in former East Germany. She is a figurative painter whose artistic work stands in the tradition of realistic contemporary artists Vija Celmins and Russel Crotty. Committed to an attitude of reskilling, Wölk uses traditional methods and materials. Her paintings predominantly show us night sky scenes with deep and open galaxies. Wölk studied painting at the Scholl of Art Berlin-Weissensee and the Chelsea College, London.

Artist Statement

“Clouds of interstellar dust, endless starscapes, and intricate systems of planets that elude the naked eye evoke a sense of solace as viewers travel through the cosmos and encounter fictional realities within my work. Through a painting practice that draws on techniques of old masters, modern technologies, and the ever-changing digital culture, I create multidisciplinary paintings that question our individual relationships to the universe.”

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