The Anonymous Harvesters

Creation Date and Location:
Hubbardsville, NY
August 16, 2021

Digital transfer, collage, acrylic, watercolor, cheesecloth on panel.

June through October, the harvesters anonymously supply the area with fresh food. 

12 x 18 inches

digital transfer, collage, acrylic, watercolor, landscape, community


Hubbardsville, NY

Leigh Yardley works in installation and painting situating herself as a part of the system of landscape. Leigh received her MFA from Lesley University, College of Art and Design and has exhibited since 1994. Yardley’s 2020 installation at Stone Quarry Art Park, Prospect and Refuge and her installations Purlieu, at Cazenovia College, continues her series of interactions watersheds that converge in Madison County. Leigh taught as a Teaching Artist and Adjunct Faculty at SUNY Morrisviile.

Artist Statement

I create paintings and installations with translucent material based on my observations and immersion in the systems of landscape. The encounter plays a fundamental role in my work. The work itself often starts as material placed as an interaction in landscape. These interactions with space are motivated by a desire for a relationship with a place and the moment. By walking, looking, collecting detritus and using material that becomes an element of that space the work becomes a distillation of the encounter.
For several years my work has focused the networks of landscape that are tied to water as a foundational resource. My connections and understandings of the physical impact of water, its role in the economy and culture is tied to this system of landscape, the watershed.
I am beginning to think of the watershed as a metaphor for memory. That we have a collective memory that filters our views and understanding of place. During the residency I want to expand on this concept of memories lost in the watershed. To create work that interacts with a space moving my perception of landscape from a scenic vista to a larger ecological understanding of place.

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